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18 June 2009 @ 09:00 pm
This is something I always mean to do when I travel and, well, I've finally decided to just do it. I spent the last week in Sitka, Alaska, and this is the first part of my travel blog. Self indulgent and image heavy and only the first part of a few parts, so buyer beware.

Do you think I can get paid to do this? Please?

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20 January 2007 @ 07:13 pm
It's January 20th, and I've been stateside for a month and a day.

I think my last post was early in december, which makes sense because after that, life got hectic and helter-skelter and all of us barely had time for breathing, let along writing, and that's the way it should have been, really.  We barely had time to lead the life we were leading, let alone write it down.

Josh Ritter night was a great night, and not just for the music and the man.  After that, everyone started working for the first time all semester and hit exam week at a sprint, and then, after exams, we all started bleeding away.  Uh, I don't have to say that it wasn't easy, because the big things you always remember with having to write it down.  I spent a week doing watery goodbyes, watching Vh1 on the Forster Crt sofa, and missing my plane. 


Belfast happened in that month, too.  It was amazing.  Ruth is my hero.  Laura is my one and only travel soul mate.  And absinthe is rightfully illegal. 

Coming home wasn't easy.  The week at mary's helped, but when I got back to jersey and sat down on the couch on a saturday night at 7 and realized...that was all I had going for the evening  - that was REALLY hard.  I keep thinking about sitting on the couch in Dunaras, hung over with Natasha and saying, "We really need to cut back to 5 nights a week."  And then I couldn't even get plans for a saturday.   Ugh.

But it's getting towards getting better now.  Back at school, back to old life, which isn't nearly as good as Irish life, but it could come close.  Maybe.  Eventually.  I need to meet more people that are actually 21 (which isn't the same as meeting people as amazing as the galway crew, but it could do, in the mean time)

Uh, so.  there are pictures around but I can't remember anymore what i've posted and what I haven't, so I'm gonna let it slide.  This is the last Irish post, at least until there's another one.  I'll go back someday and will probably have something to say about it. 

I miss you all (alan-natasha-pat-laura-jenna-jack-mike-sterling-mike- oh, god...)
07 December 2006 @ 11:20 pm
So, the next time I complain about Galway's tempermental, ever-changing weather? The next time, remind me of this:

The camera shot's no good, but it was the brightest rainbow I'd ever seen, went clear across in a single arch.

Mind, ten minutes after this was taken, it was hailing and i still had three-quarter mile walk to Uni left.

Everything's been a bit mad, lately. Courses are over which means that we're all trying, villigantly, to study, but the library is so crowded and there's so little time left. I'm taking my camera into town tomorrow night because Shop Street is done up in christmas spirit, garland and white christmast lights across all the streets and hanging down the buildings. Eryre Sqr is equally festive - lots of blue and white lights up in the trees and along the sidewalks. All the stores have dragged out the bells and balls and garland - in the street market last saturday, they were selling christmas trees and I had to be dragged forcefully away.

It's been hailing a lot lately - which, let me say, is not nearly as cute as snow and slush. Hail hurts. The novelty wears quickly.

There...really is no point to this entry aside from: rainbows are pretty, hail is not.

Got that? Brilliant.
28 November 2006 @ 08:30 pm
So Jackie and Erika came to visit last week :D It was amazing and beautiful and we did the Aran Islands and Turkey Day and half the pubs in Galway and I hope they had near as much fun as I did. I'd wax poetic, but I just don't have the energy tonight. Suffice to say it was grand.

saturday i was set to go to london....until i realized it was going to cost upwards of $500 all told. So, on the bus to shannon airport, Laura and I changed plans and instead went up to see Ruth (with all of about 3 hours notice) in Belfast (spent 12 hrs on a bus that day, but it was so much more than worth it). Belfast is a beautiful, beautiful city, and, Yes it does feel safe, even at night, even at 3 in the morning. The first night, Ruth put us up and we were exhausted so we stayed in and watched movies and fell asleep early.

The next day, sunday, we got the Ruth Tour, complete with Winter Market in front of town hall and a fabulous sunday lunch (roast lamb!) and shoe shopping and - oh, it was lovely. We picked up a hostel that night, as to not step on roomates' toes, and laura and I went out to the pubs that ruth recommended (plus a few she hadn't even heard of). It was more fun than i've had in a while, which is saying something. I now understand why absinthe is banned in most of the places I've been. We were in bed asleep by 11.30.

The next day was just a lot of wandering around and shopping. By 1 we were onna bus homewards, by 7 we were catching some pub fare at Finnegans, by 9 i was warm back in my room.

And, of course, there are belfast pics (plus a few from thanksgiving)

21 days left, not that I'm counting. It makes my chest tight everytime I give it too much thought.
21 November 2006 @ 03:29 pm
even MORE pictures. The very last mountaineering adventure of the year. It was beyond all kinds of amazing. We took the bus out of galway on friday in the evening and pulled up to this gorgeous old manor-turned-hostel around 9 or 10. There may have been drinking on the bus. Possibly.

The hostel is gorgeous. You come into the parlor and there's a wide sweeping staircase up to the second floor, with a music room (complete with honkey tonk piano), sitting room, and stable-turned-bar on the first floor. The second floor was all converted bedrooms, the girls in the huge, frigid one and the boys in the warm ones (we made them switch for the second night). That night, we all had dinner on a huge, scrubbed kitchen table and bopped back and forth from pub to music room and finally, eventually to bed.

Saturday was supposed to be horribly frigid cold and wet and HAILING and....it turned out to be gorgeous. Cold, but nice. It smelled like snow, and lo, at the top of the mountain there was just that. Barely covering the grass, but to irishmen that had only seen it a handful of times before? Hours of entertainment.

You could see every shore on the island from the top mountain and it was gorgeous and amazing and the best time i've had on a hike yet.

we came down through a deserted famine village, which just makes you feel very quiet and grateful.

Also: there were sheep.

Saturday night was a repeat of friday, only more awesome.

Sunday was the weather that we should have had on Saturday so of the 30 of us, 7 decided to go and brave the sleet/snow/rain. The rest of us wandered into town, got irish breakfasts for our hangovers and found a pub that started serving at noon and camped there until the lost and lonlies made it back from the hike. I sat at the bar with a pint of Guinness and my notes for class and studied with the rain coming down and the turf fire going and life was perfect for a few hours.

The ride home was sing alongs and guitar and horrible, horrible parodies that I'm sure I'm going to hell for just singing.

And then: I got home earlier than expected and was down at the bus station when my two world weary travelers pulled in. Jacks and Eek have made it safe and sound, and if you think that we didn't go out that night then you're so very, very wrong. And last night. And tonight, and tomorrow....

There's just so much life in Galway to pack into one week.

and, of course...pictures! Enjoy :x
15 November 2006 @ 06:35 pm
In Galway it is raining and no one is suprised.

We're getting one of those dark and dreary spells this week, which makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning (but not kitted up to go down to town in the evening, for some reason...) so I've actually managed to hold up in the room and get some serious school work down (ie. readings about prostitues/pornography/masochism for the sex test on monday). It's...really nice. The flat feels homey and familiar and, you know what? I don't want to go home. Surprise, surprise, I finally feel like I own this city and (in a month) I'm going back to Jersey and school and, nnnghhh, life.

Not ready for it. how bad do I suck at this?

Well, that, and journaling, apparently.

Last week was Croagh Patrick, the big mountain St. Pat climbed and fasted on for 40 days and came down smelling so bad that he drove the snakes out of Ireland (or something). I couldn't make it up it. Because...er...my heart said HA! I SHALL PALPILTATE AT YOU UNTIL YOU CEASE, and also because the weather was unholy and apparently, so am I. God did not intend for me to climb that mountain.

The Guinness and Carlsberg, etc, i've been drinking can't've helped either.

So the future holds (bulleted for laziness):

- Sex Voice Man at the King's Head tonight (jazz/blues covers of everything and I think maybe I'm in love)
- friday to sunday Achill Island hiking trip where i will die or make an idiot of myself or both at the same time (and it's gonna be 10 that i'm coming in, ladies. >< I'm sorry! I'd change it if I could)
- sunday OMGWTFFTW!!!!111oneone Jackie and Erika are coming for the week and 4t0wr9egihjovfdn! so much love. We officially have a full itinerary. Moher, Galway, Inishmoor...you're gonna have such a blast :D
- the same day they leave, i'm going to london/stonehenge/wales/ferry-back-to-dublin trip that will MAKE MY LIFE. Going with Alan and Laura, both of whom are love.
- Sometime durring exam week, i HOPEFULLY will get down to Doolin for a night, and up to Belfast for a few days to see Ruth and relax before finals pop my head like a zit.
- and there's always JOSH RITTER on dec 10, which i booked when i was still in the Hostel back at the begining of september. It's going to be a blast. I've already stolen a poster for him to sign for me (very discreetly. Really)

and 214923 other things that i'm forgetting now that have happened or are happening now or will, concievable happen before the states calls me home.

er. I love it here. For realz.
11 November 2006 @ 09:36 pm
been a while, but here's a hella bunch of pictures.

There's some from halloween (sterotype night), sterling's bday, and the lateste hike up a godforsaken mountain in connemara. Cos we rock like that.

There are 3 pages of pics (gooo, me), and if you click on them, they get bigger and easier to see.

Yay for me being productive!

EVEN MORE pictures :D
29 October 2006 @ 07:55 pm
I should probably wait until the REST of halloween pictures get taken on the actual day, but these were just too good to pass up.

wild und crazeh times
24 October 2006 @ 08:14 pm
pictures, as threatened.
22 October 2006 @ 10:11 pm
I think that maybe if I went any farther into exhaustion I'd either be dead or have found Nirvana. And I don't care that Kurt Cobain is dead.

SUCH A LONG string of days - amazingly fabulous, but still quite long. My liver hurts and so does my wallet, but I'm sticking with the it-was-worth-it train of thought. It makes it easier.

So, susan came omg wtf! It was a great weekend. Friday night, Mike took us to an irish speaking bar that 'looked like an irish pub should look,' as susan put it. Few drinks there, and then home because I had just suffered a nervous breakdown because susan came in on a later bus than i expected. Saturday was TARA, which, god, so very zen. So pretty. So many jokes about bestiality with horses which, really, is what makes a feild trip worth it. It was eight hours on the bus, but I'm pretty sure we managed to get out that night. The next day was the tour through the burren and Moher and doolin. The cliffs were amazing. The trail that goes out beyond where you're supposed to go is just as beaten as the offical path. This saying something about human nature.

Susan and I met a few guys from South America who were our camera buddies for the day. It was...lesse, ricardo, 'japanese' (eric), and...the other ones. They didn't remember our names either, so it's not all on me :p

Monday was Susan's last day with us, so we had a HUGE FRICKIN pot luck. I made gumbo, jenna made corn bread, alan brought beans, natash made fried chicken, pat brought ribs....mm, god, it was amazing. There were SO MANY people there. The mountaineering boys brough more poachim, for which they were dearly loved. After that, the lot of us walked down to the Roisin Dubh where we were generally unruly. Susan got her trinity of irish drinks (whiskey, baileys, and stout, thought - thank god - not all in one). Everyone danced. Mike ripped Alan's underwear giving him a wedgie. Pat was ACTUALLY DRUNK. He pole danced for us on the way home. Besides having to say good bye to susan halfway through the night (her bus was at 2.15 am!) it was generally amazing.

The next couple of days i spent with mom and dad. We got to do a lot in a short time, connemara (beautiful, even when you're not on top of a god forsaken mountain), and they got to do the Aran Islands. From Friday afternoon until today we went to Dublin. It worked out that most of my friends here were heading that way for the weekend too, so it worked out perfectly for me. Got to do all the historical, easter uprising, revolutionary sight seeing with the folks durring the day, and hit up temple bar in the evening.

Dublin is a party town. And so much more. (I still like Galway more)

I got to have a 7% alcohol beer called Brain Blaster which was just scrumptious, but that might be the cold meds talking. Alan and Natasha and Mike and Mike and Jack and Sterling and Pat were all there, plus interchangeable BC kids, so we were a healthy sized group. They were all crafty ninjas trying to get people into 2 person rooms. It did not end well. They are poor ninjas.

Kilmanham jail made me feel very quiet. The best of a generation and all.

Eventually, there will be pictures. But not tonight. too tired/medicated.